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Small - 100% donation

Melissa Monroe Art
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25" x 37"

Ink, watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, marker and pen on Heavy Watercolor paper

100% donated to Black Mamas Matter Alliance


Here's what I wrote about this piece in 2016 

my problems are small, this world is crazy, I am sorry I don't know how to help everything will never be equal because there are ugly people in the world the other side of you face will never be the symmetrical either and everyone is selfish and no man will fix this, to bad God left a long time ago no answers here... (after the murders)

I made this in 2016 after hearing about the murder of #altonsterling and #philandocastile and at the same time seeing the episode of orange is the new black where #pousseywashington was murdered. At the time I thought of donating the money from the sale of the piece but feeling not financially able to and not ready to face my white privilege I didn’t, I SHOULD have. I still have the piece and now am.