Workshop FAQ

What size rug will I be making during the workshop?

The max size is 24"x 24", you may also make several small pieces.

What is the difference between the studio workshops and other workshops?

amount of time and supplies provided
All workshops provide the content you need to learn how to tuft on your own.
The workshops at my personal studio in Portland are limited to 10 people and includes more colors of yarn for your project as well as the time and supplies for doing the backing.
Can I bring my own yarn?
Yes, any yarn will work in the loop pile machine, depending on the thickness you may need multiple strands.  The yarn you bring doesn't detract from the class supply cost.  The highest quality rug yarn is supplied for the workshop in 20 colors minimum.
Do I need to purchase a tufting machine to take the class?
No you don't, everything including all the tools and materials are provided during all workshops.  Tufting machines are available to purchase at the end of class on a limited basis.