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Current Representation
Higher Art Gallery, Traverse City, Michigan 
Rental Sales Gallery, Portland Art Museum, Oregon
River Sea Gallery, Astoria, Oregon
Une Vison Singuliere, Brittany, France
Past Representation
2015-2018 The Road Gallery, New York City
2015-2018 Curator and Manager at True Measure Gallery
2017-2018 19 Karen Gallery, Mermaid Beach, Australia
2015-2020 Portland Open Studios Artist
2018-2020 Barba Contemporary Art, Palm Springs California
2016-2020 Portland Open Studio Artist
Solo Exhibitions
2021 Faint Understanding at River Sea Gallery
2020 New Works Akasu Salon
2019 New Works at The Red Fox
2019 New Works at The Joinery Show Room
2018 "Mirrors" Art at the Cave
2018 "Bad Mother" True Measure Gallery
2017 "Old Circus is Dead" True Measure Gallery
2017 New Works Screaming Sky Gallery
2017 "Remove your mask" P:ear Gallery
2016 "Large Works" Crema and Albina Press
2015 "Why is it colder at the top of the Mountain" Roll up Gallery
2015 "After Birth" Nebraska Gallery
2015 New Works Float ON
2015 "Entry" Alberta Abbey
Selected Group Shows
2021 PDX Window Shop, FairHaired Dumbell, OR
         Spring Show, Rental Sales Gallery, OR
2020 Icon Show, Lynn Hanson Gallery, WA
         Fall Show, Rental Sales Gallery, OR
2019 RSG Group Show, Cannon Beach Arts, OR
         WSL Museum Edition, Bellevue Arts Museum, WA
         From the Forests, Ford Gallery, Portland, OR
         Fall and Spring Show, Rental Sales Gallery, OR
         I Think Therefore I am, The Goodfoot, OR
2018 Endangered Species, Fierce,  River Sea Gallery, OR
         Peaceable Kingdom, Traverse City, MI
         Dinosaur Group Show, True measure, OR
         Many Mascaras, Barba Contemporary, CA
         Fall and Spring Show, Rental Sales Gallery, OR
2017 Friendliest Group Show, True Measure, OR
         View From Here, Erickson Gallery, OR
         The Food Show, bG Gallery, CA
         Fall and New Artist Show, Rental Sales Gallery, OR
         I Think Therefore I am, The Goodfoot, OR
         Exhibit #02, Prjct Omni, MI
         PSA PDX, Ford Gallery, OR
2016 Got it for Cheap, Worldwide
         True Love Art Gallery, Seattle, WA
         Keep a Breast Cast, Portland, OR 
         Triad Exhibition, True Measure Gallery, Portland, OR
         The Big 500, The Ford Gallery, Portland, OR
2015 Connecticut Affordable ArtFair, CT
          Not always Black and White, True Measure Gallery, OR
         Jewelry and Art, Nebraska Gallery, OR
         "40 Reasons" P:ear Gallery, OR
         I Think Therefore I am, The Goodfoot, OR
2014 Bump in the Night, The Peoples Art of Portland, OR
         I Think Therefore I am, The Goodfoot, OR
2020 Conduit Magzazine issue #30 , Featured Artist
2019 Pikchur Magazine, Featured Artist
2019 More than Milk, Self Published
2017 Old Circus is Dead, Self Published
2016 Pretend, Self Published
2016 Art Shows you can's miss, Portland Monthly Magazine
2015 After Birth, Self Published
2014 Artist Publication, US outsider Art
2018 5ft x 9ft Mural at Burnside Skate Park, Portland, OR
2015 - 2018 Ongoing Mural at 30th and E Burnside, Portland, OR
2019 2 day workshop at Jenny Doh's Studio, Santa Ana, CA
2019 3 day workshop in my studio, Portland, OR