Products I like

Product I like

This page started as a way for me to share some of the things I have in home with people who have been to my studio,  it kind of turned into more and will be a work in progress... the Amazon links are not necessarily the cheapest way to buy, just the easiest way to put em in there  .  At the end I have the links for Jesse and my photography set up! Let me know if you have any questions, I like talking about things I like :)


To coat your work and make it super shiny, here is the Resin I recommend starting with, if you get really into it link below for large order of a different brand. I am working on a tutorial for you tube but haven't finished it yet. 

Klear Kote 2 gallons


THE BEST BLACK PENCIL - Lyra black colored Pencil

Cheapest Bulk Order- $1.75 each plus international shipping


Clothing From Fashion Brand Company - Face Dress


Here is a link to Jesse's Spotify Playlists that we listen to at home


More to come....


Things I have in my home

The Bidet above is the one I have and it does it all, aka the seat that opens for you...  The most important thing, I think, is that there is warm water and the seat warmer. Below is one I don't have but is a lower price with less features, also make sure you order the correct one for round seat or elongated.



Here is the cook book I use almost everyday! It is super easy to cook from and not to many ingredients, every recipe I have used has turned out!


Here's a link to that "healthy" chocolate


 Here is my espresso Machine, I haven't had it to long so I can't give it a full review, some of you used it at the last workshop though and loved it.  We where using Stumptown coffee beans

My favorite Headphones, wireless, comfortable, and long battery life

By now everyone has an instant pot but if you don't you should


 I was going to buy a basic rice cooker at the store and a Japanese woman stopped me at the store and told me to buy the one below. She said you can cook perfect rice in it for 10 years.  It makes the best rice, I feel lucky she stopped me!


Artists Friends

(this really needs to be a separate page, more to come)

Jesse Reno

Karen Wippich

Arrington De Dionyso

Brewster Brockmann

Severin Moore

Awake PDX

Dan Ness

Tenya Rodriguez



 What Jesse and I  use to photograph our Art

(also working on a tutorial for this, but here is all the pieces)

Flashes, 2 of the b1600 Alien Bee's

transmitter and receiver

Above are the tripods for the lights to sit on, one for each light.

 This is the camera we have but any SLR Digital will work, this one does pretty hi-res photos.  You will also need a flat lens, linked below.



Any Easel will do as long as you can adjust the height easily, this is one like we have, also you will need a tripod for your camera, below is a link to a basic one, again anyone will do as long is adjust easily for heights.