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New Series Faint Undertanding


New series about the struggle to understand the madness around you.  These paintings are my process of expressing my feelings about the craziness of 2020.  All my understanding feels so faint, nothing seems true or real. 

This collection is inspired by old religious paintings.  I find the colors and expression of the people interesting.  I am also inspired by antique toys and characters from my childhood.  I combine all these inspirations to find finished in the piece. 

All pieces are on wood painted with Acrylic paint.  They have a thick layer of resin coating them and are made specifically for the Antique frame they are in.  I collect these frames at estate sales, antique shops, thrift stores.  The frames are not in new condition.  I feel the wear gives the frame a story.  If you are not interested in the frame let me know and there may be a discount on the piece sold with out the frame.